Build your brand story in 6 simple steps

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With all brands nowadays, telling an attractive story is an essential part to make a difference when compared with their competitors. A good story can make your customers love and respect your brand. With the competition for online customers growing day by day, many businesses spend time thinking about how to tell their story effectively.

In this article, we will list the simple steps to help you tell your brand story.

What is a brand story?

Brand story is a summary about history, mission, goal and value of your company, with narrative structure making that brings it to life. In a basic level, it includes 3 elements related to past, present and future. Through these 3 elements, it will show the things that push your business, the result it will bring to you or your customers.

Steps to build your brand story

Not having any recipe for a successful brand story because every business is unique. The successful brand story always brings an emotional reaction to their customers. Below are 6 steps that you can reference when building your brand story.

Step 1: Understand your target customers

To know what story will be the most suitable with your brand, you need to identify your target market. By the way, you can create stories that have many abilities to sympathize with customers that you are towards. You can do this by sending an online survey and research about their habits. When you define your target market, let’s think about what your brand can do for them, what language will be used to attract your attention and what methods will you use to communicate with them.

Step 2: Find message that represents to you

The message of brand will be a tool that helps you tell stories and make an impression on your customers, not only make your business more memorable. Before you build your brand story, you should understand what you want to transfer and create a story around a message which was defined clearly.

Step 3: Determined your mission and value brand

Determining the mission makes sure the way to tell a brand story is interesting and effective. The mission statement of your business should describe exactly what you are doing and why you are doing this. Values are a group of trust that leads to the decision and action of your business. They need to bring the aspiration, reflect your culture and be the thing that people in the company support. Some examples of value include integrity, change, and focus on customers,...

Step 4: Find the thing that makes your brand unique.

Branding that is different from all businesses makes you attract customers to your product or service. There are some ways to transfer your brand story to customers. You can focus on the history of the brand and how it grows following the time. You can also tell about the people who are behind your brand and their ideals.

After having your mission and value, accomplished by knowing the thing that makes your business unique on the market, let’s define brand personality and voice. Continuous reference to your mission and personality, when you build your brand story, will transfer your brand value.

Step 5: Write your brand story

Your brand story needs to engage and provide much information to potential customers and show detail about the history, and value of a company. It also introduces the products or services that your company provides and that they are different from your competitors. Telling a story that attracts people is the key to making them care about the things that your company offers.

Step 6: Share and develop your brand story

After your brand story is complete, you need to post it on many platforms from website, Youtube,... in many forms like video, blog,... Each form of communication needs to be optimized for this platform to transfer exactly who you are and attract attention. Remember, your story is an important part of your brand and everything that your brand does needs to be in sync with it.

A brand story needs to be considered and built carefully. Let’s share history, value, passion and ambition in the best way to connect the emotion with your customers. Spending a long time to create a brand story is interesting and will build a strong brand that many customers love.

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