Predict the website design trends in 2023

Dự đoán xu hướng thiết kế website 2023

Design trend is a new or famous creative technique that helps businesses communicate online in an attractive way and interact with many different customers.

These trends are very attractive to website visitors.

Website design trends will make your brand outstanding and make an impression for a long time. This article will list 5 best web design trends that you can learn in 2023.


Chatbot is a function that has been famous for several years and will continue to develop in 2023. As artificial intelligence (AI) and computers become more and more sophisticated, Chatbot has the role of virtual assistant, bringing to customers a chance to request a question or receive basic support when the service support staff are offline.

Design is one of the best aspects to develop a successful chatbot, because a good design helps to attract customers. It leads to a positive experience for customers and saves the cost of supporting businesses.

Mobile interface

Being mobile-friendly is nothing new but it is necessary. Thanks to easy rules, responsive design has been becoming easier for years. Almost all Wordpress websites nowadays are built to adapt to all devices.

A responsive website should be adapted to all different devices, from smartphones to tablet to bring a positive experience to customers. You also need to think about the size of the button on your design because many people control smartphones with their thumbs instead of their index fingers.

Short video

Bring introduce short videos to website as a part of web design trend in 2023

The short video helps to attract users and has higher maintenance rates. When performed exactly and professionally, it will have an impact and a long time impression.

Don’t forget to allocate resources to create many short videos each month and post them to your social media.


Regarding the technique, animation is not a new trend because it appeared many years ago. Animation outstands complicated ideas, focus on essential areas of websites and attracts users by directing your attention correctly.

Some examples you can see when making animation for websites like when someone moves the cursor over the image, animation will be active. This makes your website more flexible and improves the experience.

Animated text

Animated text is a new web design trend this year. It has 3 types of design including text banners that rotate across the screen, headers that slide in from the outside of the screen when a web page is opened, and dynamic labels that draw attention to an area.

Designers add the animated element to the document to transfer information outstanding and create a dynamic form that attracts the eye.

Modern websites are increasingly becoming a new way to connect businesses with users. Creating an authentic and creative design will become an active part of their website experience.

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