Tips to design a beautiful and functional ecommerce website


Nowadays, whatever your business sells, you need to have an ecommerce website. An ecommerce website brings to you the hope to build a brand, connect with many customers and sell more products, but it will happen when you have a suitable website.

Below are 5 tips to design an ecommerce website to help you build a website not only beautiful but also functional.

Tips to design an ecommerce website


Mobile phones have overcome computers to become the most popular to surf the web. If you want to attract customers selling on mobile phones or tablets, you need to make sure that your website design is completely responsive. This is the reason why we talk about this first when building an ecommerce website. A good website builder will automatically convert your website to a mobile phone template.

Use high-quality photos

Photos are an important part of an ecommerce website, if you want people to buy your product, you need to show the things they are buying through high-quality photos.

The high quality photos of all your products will be helpful in building trust with customers. Take many photos and create an album for each product to make sure that users can clock and see many angles of products. A popular function is a pop-up turn-on for people to enlarge a particular image and see details.

Security payment page

The trust between seller and customers needs time to build and it is very important with revenue. When customers visit your ecommerce website, they are finding a product or service that has a good price and payment easily and safely. The payment gate you choose for your ecommerce website will build trust with customers when buying.

Security payment pages create advantageous conditions for the exchange of online payment, customers' data and other information, as well as protection against fraud and other security issues.

Search bar and product selection filter

Even if a website doesn't sell anything, people will use the search bar. Having a search bar helps people easily find products that they are thinking about without needing to scroll to detailed pages. If users can’t find the product they want quickly, the ability will leave the page.

That’s the reason why the search bar will be shown above on the web, usually in the right corner to make searching as quick and easy as possible. With the search bar, you can improve the search function of your ecommerce website by providing filters. The common filters include size, color, brand and price. This allows users to find on your website the product they want and also make sure of even more specific results.

Don’t forget the outstanding reviews

90% of consumers read reviews before deciding to purchase. When you share the testimonial of clients on your website, it will show everyone that many people used your product. On one side, it will increase revenue and on the other side, it will make you reliable to your target audience.

Testimonials of customers are a quick and easy way to boost sales and conversions. An effective ecommerce web design strategy includes a specific review of the product below a description of each product.

Website design is very important when creating an ecommerce website. Designing a good ecommerce website is using good color, font, image, text and graphics to convince visitors to make a purchase. Designing an ecommerce website has to attract potential customers, provide a great user experience and present your booth at its best.

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