Top 5 best ecommerce platforms in 2023


The best ecommerce platform helps to build an online website easier. With a suitable ecommerce platform, you can list your product, pay and handle transport and many other functions to help increase traffic and get more sales

Below are the 5 best e-commerce platforms out there in 2023


Shopify is the popular choice in the world to build an ecommerce web. Shopify is a platform that has the balance between ease of use and functionality by providing an interface that is easy to use, an integrated CMS, many themes for websites and blogs for your website. Shopify also provides many different report levels and analysts depending on your package.


  • More than 70 webshop themes help you easy to start
  • Affiliate marketing tools include social media and email marketing
  • Follow inventory
  • Statistical sales in real time
  • Fully blog
  • Unlimited list of product


WooCommerce is an open source ecommerce platform, which can be customized. This is the best platform for WordPress website because this is the popular, flexible and affordable extension for WordPress users. Basically, WooCommerce includes anything you need to set up and run an ecommerce web. But WooCommerce can have a slow run because it can’t solve many themes, plugins or products that you add to your site. So, if you want to expand your business scale, it’s better for you to choose another platform


  • Good platform for SEO
  • More than 300 free and paid extensions
  • More than 140 payment integrations
  • Support and community team to answer the question
  • Multilingual content

Wix eCommerce

Wix is one ecommerce platform easy to use which provides many choices to change simply to build a complete website. This platform allows you free to create a website in your way, you can choose a template and customize anything you want to appear on your website. When your website develops, you can always add new functions to improve productivity. However, due to its simplicity and lack of important tools for selling, this platform is not good for large scale online businesses or fast-growing businesses.


  • Sale button helps customers make a purchase easily.
  • Loyal customer program and coupon
  • Online advertising through paid advertising
  • Payment integrated with more than 40 providers, including Paypal, Stripe and Square,...
  • multi-currency converter tool to accept currency and sell products all over the world (just for unlimited package)


Magento is a flexible and steady ecommerce platform that is believed by many famous brands. Besides page building, creating content, selling and buying immediately, Magento also provides advanced functions like order management and customer service, inventory management, smart business and cloud storage. This is the suitable choice for an ecommerce business that has experience in website development, technique or staff to take advantage of the expanded functions.


  • Catalog management allows you to upload images easily, and fix price and inventory control.
  • SEO tools that optimize pages.
  • Customer segmentation to personalize your marketing.
  • HTML5 for mobile phone support to all devices.
  • Up/Cross-sell function helps to increase average sales value.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce has the most built-in features compared with any ecommerce platform.  Features that are considered key for any business like omnichannel sales, SSL certification and inventory control are the standard in any of their plans. Combined with a drag and drop store builder that easy to use, it is a platform for business at all sizes and users at all levels.


  • Unlimited products list.
  • Unlimited file save.
  • Report about the market.
  • 12 free themes and more than 160 paid themes.
  • Integration with shipping and POS software.

Which is the best choice for you?

Each ecommerce platform has different features that may or not have advantages for your online business. To find the best ecommerce platform for you, you need to consider features, budget and omnichannel sales. The different important things like flexible payment processing options, selling on social media and online market, reporting and analysis as well as platform extensibility with third-party add-ons.

These above platforms are the top online store platforms that you can consider when choosing the ecommerce platforms for your online business in 2023.

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