Top membership WordPress plugin in 2023


You want to create user profiles with custom fields on your website, WordPress user registration plugins are customized to create a register page that helps your customers access the website to sign up and create their profile easily. 

These plugins bring powerful tools to register and log in users. Moreover, you can find all the additional features along with many useful tasks that you can refer to.


If you are looking for a membership WordPress plugin friendly with new users. WPForms is a good choice. WPForms uses a drag-and-drop page builder to create forms and has a huge library that includes predefined forms to adapt to most situations. For example, you can create a contact form, payment form, registration form, register event form,... Each form has a high custom ability so that you will have a unique interface and use it for many different purposes.

Main features:

  • Available templates to save time.
  • Optimize for fast loading speed.
  • Mobile-friendly to attract potential customers on any device.
  • Many available fields can be integrated into forms.
  • Easy to create support form, donate form and payment form.


One of the most popular plugins brings register registration for many websites. It is easy to install and use, accompanied with all necessary functions for a membership page. This plugin uses simple drag-and-drop page builders help to create forms that suit your brand. 

You also can put access rules for members, sell online courses (with LMS plugin), provide many coupons as well and work with many payment gates. You also have all full control content that members can access, based on your membership level with MemberPress.

Main Features:

  • Simple drag and drop with no coding required.
  • Integrate into any WordPress theme.
  • Work with payment gateway immediately.
  • Include reporting and linking tools.

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member is a flexible register WordPress plugin to create various forms with no coding required. Suppose your web provides membership for a specific service, you can create a membership form just with some clicks.

Besides, you can use this plugin for custom user roles, member folders, email and conditional navigation menus,... This plugin has a drag-and-drop function to help the process of creating forms smoothly and conveniently. But with the defect that no available forms you need to create forms from the beginning.

Main features:

  • Can set a limit for user content.
  • Create conditional logic forms without heavy technical knowledge
  • Drag and drop page builder that no need to code
  • Integrate with third-party tools like MailChimp.

WP User Manager

If you just need basic functions that make it easy to create register forms, let’s consider WP User Manager. There are many functions in this plugin to create many different forms from recovery passwords to account customization. You also can create a WooCommerce register form to increase revenue. Besides the default function, it supports integration with marketing tools through email and CRM from third-party.

Main function:

  • Come with a user restriction feature.
  • Support Google ReCaptcha to register users.
  • Export data about users with a few clicks.
  • Support to integrate social login that does no need third-party tools.
  • No coding, support to create security form protected by password.

WordPress plugins we suppose in this article can help you create many different membership forms. But the decision to choose one plugin will change according to your needs. We hope that our article helps you to find the best membership WordPress plugin for you.

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Top membership WordPress plugin in 2023

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