What is a landing page? Create an effective landing page in 2023


A good landing page will lead to target audiences and it will be a part of a successful marketing strategy to bring you many visitors access to your website.

In this article, you will find out the purpose of landing pages and notices to create landing page attract visitors and turn them into your customers.

What is a landing page?

Landing page is a particular web page that is designed to attract the user’s attention, introduce to them a special product or service, then encourage them to implement an action.

An important element with all landing pages is the Call-to-action button that navigates to a special action. This focus makes landing pages the best choice to increase the conversation rate of marketing campaigns and low the cost to have potential customers.

When do you need to use the landing page?

Your customer will come to a landing page thanks to your marketing strategy. They also can lead to landing pages from your website. Landing pages can be used when:

  • Register to receive an email newsletter
  • Announce new product launches or boost preorders
  • Distribute marketing documents like ebook or catalog
  • Connect user with an app download
  • Register user for an event

How can you build a landing page?

To make sure that landing page drives your audience click to on your CTA, let’s connect these tips:

Suitable title

Suitable titles are very important to make sure that users can understand the purpose of the page. An attractive and concise title will make your visitor read and fill out the form. Actually, 90% of visitors who read your title will also read your CTA. If it does not have an attractive title, visitors will pass away without clicking.

Attracted image

Photos are an amazing way to create an emotional reaction, people have more ability to stay on a website if you have an attractive image. Human visual systems collect up to 80% of all data received from environment. Thinking about what your visitors want to feel, choose an image that transfers how your product or service can bring these feelings.

Purpose clearly

Landing pages have to go to the heart of the action that you want your visitors to do. If you want to sell, let’s include the content to explain why they should buy them. If you want your visitor to fill out the contact form, let's compact the basic things to make sure they can fill out quickly and easily the info that you need most.

Prioritize user experience (UX)

A landing page needs to convince but go to the heart of problems. Include CTA easy to find to help your visitors implement the things that you want them to do and make sure that your content is exact and easy to follow to make it easy to read and navigate.

Another tip is to add urgency to your landing page. You can do this by adding the down counter for your discount, limiting the time to set up and run the landing page,...

A/B testing

Create many variants for your landing page and compare results to see what version works better. Going forward, let’s connect a landing page that gets the best response or brings the highest conversation. This is called A/B testing.

Landing pages are a necessary part of your marketing strategy. The result you receive is a landing page that is designed carefully and is increasingly converted accompanied by a successful marketing strategy. We hope that these shares will be helpful for you to complete your landing page.

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