What is a thumbnail? Design attractive thumbnails for a website.


When you design your website, the image element is an essential element not only because it looks good but also attractively transmits information.

Thumbnail is called like the face of a video or article which helps visitors preview your content and approach users first.

In this article, we will show you the tips and tricks when creating the thumbnail as well as custom it that fits your needs.

What is thumbnail?

Thumbnail is a small avatar representing a larger image, which is usually used to see or manage a group of bigger images easily and quickly. These images created from the images have the standard size and are being used on websites. Small size allows visitors access to the website quickly.

Popular types of thumbnails:

  • Thumbnail Youtube
  • Thumbnail website
  • Thumbnail Google Image Search
  • Thumbnail ecommerce
  • Thumbnail on social media.

Why are thumbnails important?

Thumbnail is very important to make your content more accessible and reach to users. Besides, some roles can be mentioned like:

  • Space saving: Thumbnail allows users to overview multimedia in a small space.
  • User-friendly: Thumbnail is compatible with many devices and easy to navigate, instead of visitors being forced to scroll through images or video embedded, thumbnails allow them to choose the content they want to see.
  • Attractive: attract users by entering the article content of the image.
  • Improve the time of loading: one of the main benefits of thumbnails is to decrease the size of files. Because the size of the file is lower than the original, websites will have the loading time faster.

How to design an attractive thumbnail

Impressive color: Color is a main element in creating thumbnails, using bright and bold colors can make them outstanding and attract people's attention. However, you shouldn’t scheme so many colors will make the website look confusing.

Clear content: With a small image, the important thing that you need to remember is that the word on the image needs to be easy to read. You need an outstanding title to reach and impress users. Covering the background with bold and large text can make all the difference. Never using a small font will make users can’t read.

Include related images: The main function of a thumbnail is to attract attention and get clicks. But don’t focus on the appearance and forget that the content is very important. Make sure that the thumbnail connects to content.

Thumbnail is indispensable when you want to post a video or image on social media. It can drive people to choose your content and increase your recognition. We hope that you feel this information is helpful, let’s get started to design your thumbnail today!

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