What is Elementor? Why you should use it with WordPress


The increase in the tools to build websites will help people to create websites easier without technical expertise and Elementor is one of the most popular plugins in this field.

With more than 11 million active installs and used in more than 150 countries. Elementor allows users to create a custom professional website suitable for each demand. Below will be some helpful instructions about how to use Elementor to build your WordPress website.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a drag and drop page builder to create websites popularly. Whether you want to create a simple personal blog or a complex ecommerce website, Elementor always has tools and functions to support you.

This is a friendly platform for users, allowing people and businesses to create a website with a professional interface without coding knowledge. It provides flexible templates and blocks that can be customized to fit specific demands, along with advanced functions like customized font, animation,...

Pros and cons of Elementor

To know Elementor is worth or not, it is necessary to consider all of pros and cons of using Elementor

Pros of Elementor

  • User-friendly interface, helps users without technology create websites easily.
  • Many templates and blocks, allow you to customized to fit your needs
  • Content scaling correctly with the dynamic size setting
  • Responsive mobile design option
  • Compatible will almost themes and plugins
  • Saving cost, free version available
  • Support customers, help people solve problems quickly.

Cons of Elementor

  • Limited design options for those using free version
  • Some people can see that the interface is too complicated, especially if they don’t have experience about build websites before
  • Some of the functions like customized font and animation only available with Elementor Pro
  • API integration which is limited within some email marketing
  • Some of the core values are out of date.

Why choose Elementor among other page builders?

Before Elementor, there were many other page builders like Divi, Beaver Builder, WPBakery,... so what makes Elementor different? Although many other page builders have the same core value, Elementor quickly develops a community around to provide many useful extensions, templates and compatibility with popular tools.

Besides, Elementor develops many suitable functions with intuitive interfaces and well-tested. All of these things, combined with variation documents and available support, allow designers and web developers to create WordPress websites to optimize complexity, interface, filter and function, as well as be easy to update and maintain.

Some of the requests when using Elementor Pro

You need to adapt these requests if you want to use pro version of Elementor

  • Your WordPress must be version 5.0 or higher because Elementor just works in this version.
  • Connect with the provider to update if your server has the PHP version older than 7 because website can face some problems when operating.
  • To make sure Elementor works well, your website needs to have MySQL version 5.6 or higher and Mariadb version 10.0 or higher.
  • Besides, websites need to own memory of 128MB and more, the best is 256MB or maybe more.
  • In this case, if you are saving at WordPress you need to add SSL to website.
  • The program you are using like: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari needs to have version 79 or higher.
  • Elementor is just supported to use on computers and not to be supported on other devices like mobile phones or tablets.
  • Turn on ZLIB php extension on the server is the best

Elementor is an amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to build the page from start. If you are thinking of building your website with WordPress, we have advice for you that try to use Elementor.

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