What is video marketing? Benefits and steps to implement effective video marketing campaign (Part 1)


With sound, image and other compelling elements, video marketing has all the elements to reach visitors.

So how is video marketing different from other forms of marketing and what are steps to build the plan marketing through video? We will share some tips to help you start a successful video marketing campaign.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a marketing method that is using video to market your product, increase level of interaction and candidate approach to video easier than text.

Video can impulse the connection between product and user in the way that text cannot do it, especially if businesses use people in their video.

Type of video marketing

  • Product Introduction: The product introduction video will show its functions and advantages of it to customers who are considering buying.
  • Introduce business: Introduce the culture, value of the business to customers with the aim of a marketing brand, increasing customer’s trust or attracting potential employees.
  • Reviews: Video shows that satisfied customers tell about their positive experiences when using your product or service.
  • Explaining video: These videos answer popular questions related to your product or service. To create an explaining video, make sure that you compile a list of frequent questions and answer them as clearly as possible.

The benefit of video marketing in 2023

Let’s see some of the reasons why you can calculate that marketing through video has a strong effect in the world today.

Improve SEO

Video marketing helps you increase your search engine rankings, click rate, open rate and conversion rate. Google and other research tools ratings the website have video higher than others because the level of interaction with video increases over time. The thing you need to do is create the connection between websites and videos, use the good keyword and hashtags correctly.

Increase conversation and sale

About half of people buying on the Internet today are searching for videos that are related to product before buying it and almost all testimonials tell that it is helpful. The content you can consider includes introducing and reviewing products, these videos help enhance users’ knowledge about products or services and support the process of buying decisions.

Content that is attracted customers and drives them to product and service pages, so you can increase conversions and boost sales more than you expected. Statistic shows that embedding a video on product page help to increase sale by up to 144%.

Promote brand identity

In addition to how video marketing can boost sales, the content which is designed suitable can promote the interaction level and conversation with customers, and bring trust to your brand - this is the important value for consumers connecting with business.

Because the video content has many abilities that can be shared to build awareness about the brand effectively. And more people will interact positively with your content so your image brand will have good recognition.

If you are considering adding video to your marketing plan, let’s see your budget and choose the right video type that works best for your brand.

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