What is video marketing? Benefits and steps to implement effective video marketing campaign (Part 2)


Next to the past article about the basic content of video marketing, now it is time for you to make the video marketing strategy to bring your product and service close to potential buyers.

Steps to make an effective video marketing strategy

Here are 5 steps to creating a successful video marketing strategy on social media

Learn your audience and set campaign goals

All successful video strategies must have to start by searching for who the target audience is. What kind of content attracts them and they are usually watching videos through what channel is most popular? Make sure that the content of video marketing represents your personality and engages your audience.

Besides, you need to identify the goal you need to achieve with a specific video marketing strategy. This can enhance awareness, boost your sales, your traffic, or all of these goals. Whatever your goal, make sure that your video marketing is suitable to your company's general goal.

One way to determine your goal is to see what your competitor is doing now set your standard and make a list of the kind of video content that fit your each goal.

Confirm the message and kind of your video

After you know what you want to achieve and you will get what goals and direct your strategy to who, it is time for you to transmit your message. Your content video needs to reflect your business, so the important thing is you need to tell a real story with a clear message.

Defining what kind of video suits your brand is the important thing in your video strategy. Not all videos are the same and the best thing is they support your main goal. It can introduce products, an overview of service, office tours, testimonials,... have many choices for you.

Choose right platform

Each marketing platform will have a particular successful measure and you need to choose the ideal platform for you. You can try on many platforms, from websites to Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube to define what platform is best effective for your video marketing.

In certain situations, you can see that two or more platforms work the same good. For example, if you have a video that is ten minutes long, you can save all this on your website, post a clip from three to five minutes on Youtube and a clip of 30 seconds on Facebook and Twitter.

Set your budget plan and time

Any marketing plan needs to have a plan followed in real-time, including everything you need from budget, outside and inside resources, equipment and tools,...

Let’s remember the purpose of your strategy and make sure that you are spending your budget rationally. A video that is created professionally with a clear setup will attract much attention and create value in front of your customer.

Measure metrics

You will not know how a video works unless you see the statistical figure related to this video. Although the things you want to focus on are interaction rate, viewers, shares or comments that you received, make sure that each result aligns with the original goals that you set for your video.

Each platform has the original analysis to show you how your video works. The data you use to analyze succession needs to be suitable for your goals. If you want to identify the brand for a video, suitable data can display the number of viewers.

In the advanced technology, video is one of the effective ways to provide information. With any brand in any aspect, video marketing is one modern way to reach users.

Hopefully, these tips about developing video marketing can be helpful for you when considering your next strategy.

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