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Designing a professional brand identity is one of the prerequisites that have an important influence on the successful formation and development of a brand.
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The brand identity design helps the business image become more level, more synchronized and consistent, bringing a new look, showing the scale and stature of the brand. This is an important factor contributing to building a strong and sustainable brand.

What is brand identity design?

Corporate Identity is a collection of all images of a corporation, company, business, etc. It is the main tool of those who do communication and marketing for businesses to build and maintain their own identity and personality suitable for the operational goals of the business.

Designing a brand identity allows a direct impact on the perceived image of customers through the senses and helps the brand be recognized and distinguished from other brands.

The brand identity includes many elements such as names, logos, colors, graphic elements, marketing materials, etc., which are designed synchronously and consistently for customers to easily recognize and remember the brand.

The importance of brand identity design?

Affirm the professionalism of the business.

Attract new customers, keep the loyal customers

Attract new customers, keep the loyal customers.

Help to keep the brand image in the mind of customers.

Increase the level of trust of customers, partners and investors.

Help brands and products always stand out and are attractive.

6 step to design a logo from Anothemes

With many years of experience, with an in-depth team, we offer a scientific and standards process to create the best quality projects for customers!

Step 1 1

Analysis, Research

Research different colors and fonts used for the project. Research element like competitor of the customer. Find out about the color, icon, image that the customers want to use.

Step 2 2

Creative direction

The most important thing is to determine the keywords related to the company and product or service. Research the current trend, check out other industry related logo designs for inspiration.

Step 3 3

Outline ideas

This is the step to developing the idea. Outlining these ideas on the paper will help designer easily edit and add creativity, avoiding forgetting the important content before putting it on the computer and finishing it.

Step 4 6

Complete and handover

The design documents are completed, files are properly displayed, then it will be sent to the customer in many different formats (ESP, JPEG). The original file is saved by CD or USB.

Step 5 5

Presenting idea

When finishing the logo design template, the design team meets and collects the most suitable logo, and writes the ideal content for each template. Finally, we will send the sample to our customer to review and decide the final manuscript.

Step 6 4

Design on the computer

Starting to create logo designs by using graphic software. Experiment with many ideas, sharps, and colors. Create multiple variants of the logo based on customer company identity.

Project was performed

With many years of experience, with an in-depth team, we offer a scientific process, and standards to create the best quality projects for customers!

Brand identity

Hanahome Japanese Standard Kindergarten Logo Design

With the current development trend, more and more preschools meet quality standards. Because most parents want their children to be educated in the best way. That's why building a preschool logo design is quite important for schools.


Month 08, 2019



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