Information privacy policy

Information Privacy Policy

Purpose and collect information range

Personal Information in Policy means the identifiable information or personal identification ability of customers potentially. This personal information we process (maybe different in jurisdiction based on current laws) includes:

+ Company name, business, shop, business unit, transaction address, tax code

+ Full name, ID number, contact address

+ Email, mobile phone number, desk phone number

We always inform customers about specific purposes if we need to collect personal information of customers on a website, and all information needs to be voluntarily provided by the customer.

Range of information use.

Personal information will only be used in company. Anothemes can inform personal information collected from customers to third parties, like our agents, other suppliers to make sure to provide the best service to customers.

When necessary, we can use this information to directly connect to customers in forms like: send letter, orders, thanks letter, sale information and new services,…

Anothemes will make an effort to make sure that staff, officers, agents, advisors, and third parties mentioned will understand this Information Privacy Policy.

Time to save information

Anothemes will save the personal information provided by customers on our internal system during the process of providing the service to customers or until the purpose of collection is completed or when requested by customers to destroy the information provided.

Means and tools for users to access and correct their personal information

Customers who want to correct their personal information, please contact our support team on the website, send an email to us via or contact to the hotline (+84) 918673440.

Committed to protecting customer’s personal information

Anothemes will not share your personal information with any other company except offices, suppliers who have the connection to provide the service to customers.

In some special cases, we may be required to disclose personal information, for example when there are grounds to believe that the disclosure is necessary to prevent threats to life and health, or for law enforcement purposes.

Anothemes is committed to complying with the Privacy Laws and the National Privacy Principles.

Warranty Policy

At Anothemes, we always focus on customer support, helping customers effectively use websites, and supporting customers to fix the errors that arise in using the website process.

Here is the detailed information about the website warranty policy of Anothemes:

+ Warranty period: It is based on the agreement between the two parties from the day we hand over the website.

+ We will support the problem involving the website in using processes as well as answer the customer’s question.

+ Administrator website system built by Anothemes will be constantly upgraded. We will update the newest version with a useful function to administer the website of customers. So your website will always run with the newest function and technology.

Exchange and Refund Paid Policy

All problems about the issue that the service can’t be continued, we will discuss with you to bring the best optimal policy for both parties. But Anothemes always make sure about the quality of services to protect the highest interests of customers.

Anothemes can stop to providing service without any refund in case:

+ Customers use websites for any purpose or form that violates Vietnamese law, especially the issue of software and song copyright.

+ Customers send, create a link or transit the data that is illegal, threatening, lie, hostile, distorted, defamatory, obscene, offensive or any other form otherwise prohibited by Vietnamese law in any way.

+ Customers store, and transmit data that create or encourage the critic or the data break the infringement of patent law, brand, design, copyright, or any intellectual property rights or any rights of anyone.

+ Customers use one website to hack another website.

+ Customers use the program can interrupt or stagnate the system by exhausting the system source and overloading the processor and memory.

+ Customers use their website or account to illegally infiltrate other websites or influence other customers of Anothemes.