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In the 4.0 era on the throne, smartphones, mobile apps, and the internet have become an indispensable part of life and especially business.
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Building and developing your own App Mobile mobile application will bring benefits that you did not expect. App Mobile is the most modern and convenient brand promotion and customer care application that you should have.

Reasons to design Mobile application App Mobile.

Mobile application is a marketing tool, advertising your brand to customers in the fastest and most cost-effective way. Build the image of your business in a professional and reputable way.

App Mobile helps businesses send information about their products to customers in the fastest way, easily update the latest information of the business to customers. Increase the ability to bring high profits, support effective product promotion.

Interact and support customers quickly anytime, anywhere.

Why choose app design? Mobile at Anothemes ?

Always keep up to date with technology trends to make the most modern and sophisticated App, easy to upgrade when expanding your business model. At the same time easy to use for anyone.

We are always with you and ready when you need it before – during – after the project. Respond and fix errors quickly when required by customers.

Every product is made with our whole heart. Therefore, customers always feel secure and trust Anothemes.

Mobile application development process at Anothemes

With many years of experience, with an in-depth team, we offer a scientific process, and standards to create the best quality projects for customers!

Step 1 1

Requirement accepted

This is a very important stage, it determines the success or failure of the project. At this stage, the Agency and the Client must continuously meet to discuss issues such as interface, application type, ...

Step 2 2

Analyze and decide

During the wifreframing process, we will meet and discuss with the client several times to negotiate how the application layout will be designed and operated.

Step 3 3

App interface design

Programmers will design the interface for the app on ios or android according to customer requirements. For front-end coding for the app, the programmer must rely on the designs from the Design department.

Step 4 6

Handover - Support

Once done, deploy the server-side application to the server / cloud, the operating systems that the customer wants. Finally, when the application is approved, we will notify and hand it over to the customer and provide support if necessary.

Step 5 5


Test the app on all different platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) and different OS versions of each. Test back-end code to improve performance.

Step 6 4

Application Programming

After the front-end codding phase is complete, the programmers will enter the back-end app codding phase. Dev will rely on the functions and information obtained to codding the back-end for the app.

Project was implemented

With many years of experience, with an in-depth team, we offer a scientific process, and standards to create the best quality projects for customers!

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Why should choose us?

Anothemes with many years of experience will bring you new ideas, interesting experiences that will bring success to your business. Along with the trend of the technology era, we work with you to understand the business purpose of each business, helping your business grow.