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  • Compatible on all devices
  • UI/UX Standard
  • SEO Standard
  • Smart interface
  • HTML - CSS - W3C Standard
  • Cost optimization
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Anothemes help businesses design your professional website

Anothemes is proud to be the leading professional and prestige design website company in the IT industry. We always try our best to research carefully to design websites that deliver effective marketing and business. What makes websites built by Anothemes stand out?

  • Compatible


    Website Responsive design automatically adjusts layout to display suitable for all screen resolutions, compatible with all devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones.

  • Standard


    SEO Standard makes your website go to the top of google, impress the client easily, help clients find your company easier on the search tools.

  • Standard

    HTML – CSS – W3C

    W3C is abbreviated which stands for the phrase World Wide Web Consutirum, W3C standard is currently a general design standard used by many website designers as a measure of the level completeness of the websites.

  • Standard

    UI / UX

    UX is the optimal design for user experience. With the focus on the user’s feeling with the website when using it.
    UI is the user interface design. It has a close relationship that is directly relevant to user interaction with a website.

  • Smart


    The interface of the content management system is modern and convenient, and optimizes data to be more suitable for all devices. Make it easy to update and manage the content on your website.

  • Cost


    Regardless of the web design needs, the motivation is still a lot of cost savings. Many accompanying incentives help to limit the cost of the business but still get the highest efficiency.

Outstanding project

With many years of experience, and a dedicated team, we offer a scientific process, and standards to create the best quality projects for customers!

Do you need us?

If you want a perfect beginning, a breakthrough innovation, you can refer to the website design service of Anothemes technology company. We have many years of experience in the IT field with a team of creative and talented staff. More than anyone else, we understand what elements a website design needs to develop, to minimize errors. With a professional working style, Anothemes promises to be a great partner for your company's companionship and development.


Website design process

With many years of experience, with an in-depth team, we offer a scientific process, and standards to create the best quality projects for customers!

Step 1 1

Requirement accepted

This is a very important stage, it determines the success or failure of the project. At this stage, the Agency and client must continuously meet to clear more problems such as interface, content,...

Step 2 2

Analyze and decide

During wifreframing process, we will meet and discuss with the client many times to arrange how the application layout will be designed and operated.

Step 3 3

Web interface design

Coder will design the interface of the website to meet the customer’s needs. The front-end coding for the website, coder must rely on the designs from the Design department.

Step 4 6

Handover - Support

After the front-end codding phase is finished, coders will enter the back-end website coding phase. Dev will base the functions and information obtained on the coding back-end for the website.

Step 5 5


Test the app on all different devices and different OS versions of each platform. Test back-end code to improve efficiency.

Step 6 4


After finishing, deploy the server-side application to the server/ cloud, operating system that the customer wants to try. Finally, when the website is approved we will notify and provide customer support if necessary.



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