1. Does my website have SEO standards?

Your website will be full of technical elements to be most search engine friendly.

2. Does my website look good on mobile?

Your website will display perfectly on mobile devices and other devices like: Smartphone, Tablet, laptop screen, desktop screen.

3. Can I change the picture, content, phone number...?

All content, images on the website can change without any disadvantage anywhere.

4. After each logo design project, what products do I receive?

When using the logo design service at Anothemes, you will receive:
- A striking and impressive logo design that reflects your brand
- Detailed and complete logo user Instruction manual
- Design profile includes full computer image files, vector files for printing

5. How to choose a logo design template?

With each logo design, we will send 4 different logo samples. Normally, customers will choose the logo after twice. In case an option has not been selected we will send the third.

6. What are the elements that affect the price of Mobile App design?

3 factors directly affect the price of mobile design:
- Complicated or simple application features
- App development personnel
- Android or IOS operating system

7. Should you make an app on iOS or Android?

The Android system is flexible and it can help you create mobile apps for many different purposes, but it has many disadvantages when there are so many quality choices for developers. While IOS is an exclusive platform, more stable for developers.

8. What is the handover and instructure to use the web? What are the after-sales?

When the website is completed, Anothemes staff will connect to handover the product to you. Specifically, we provide an online support system and detailed web user documentation in languages suitable for customers.

9. Payment steps when designing a project?

We are applying for a 50% deposit after signing the agreement and 50% pay after handing over the product. With the project which has a high value of more than VNĐ 200.000.000 the payment will be divided into: 50%, 30% and 20%.

10. I just have the preliminary idea, can I receive the advice?

Anothemes has experts in website and software, we understand what you need more than yourself, so don’t hesitate to connect to us even when you haven't clarified your requirements yet.

11. What is the notice when using a designed logo?

After receiving a full logo file customers need to register for product trademark protection for the newly designed logo template, to determine their ownership of the logo. Anothemes will advise and support trademark registration for customers.