The Benefits of Designing Websites With WordPress

Are you looking to create your website? Are you learning about WordPress? Let’s find out with us in this article to know what WordPress is. And the benefits of designing a website with WordPress.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is open-source software (free) written by PHP and the database management system MySQL. Content management software (CMS) that you can use to create websites.

WordPress was developed to serve the general audience. Don’t need to have too much knowledge about code or advanced websites. Because the manipulation in WordPress is simple. Intuitive admin interface can help you understand about the management structure of a WordPress website in a short time.

But WordPress is strong and flexible to serve the people who know about technology or run a website for business.

If you want to start to create a website, blog so WordPress is the suitable option.

This is also the option of more than 25% of the top ten million websites today. The famous website in the world like: echCrunch, Mashable, CNN, BBC America, Variety, Sony Music, MTV News, Bata, Quartz….

The basic element of WordPress

  • WordPress Plugin: a piece of code that is intended to create the cohesion to adjust and improve the functionality of WordPress Web.
  • WordPress Template: is an interface of a website or blog using WordPress, and now you are free to choose the interface that you want with the free or paid options.
  • Widget: is a drag-and-drop module in many locations in websites or blogs that you can customize. Widget is written attached with a template, supported by plugins or we can write by PHP or HTML.

The basic structure of WordPress

  • Dashboard: summary information of WordPress website, quick blogging, posts from blog, some of the latest comments and plugins or link to your website.
  • Updates: show all newest templates or plugins.
  • Posts: manage catalogue, article, tags.
  • All Posts: manage all the articles.
  • Add News: post new articles.
  • Categories: manage all catalogue.
  • Tags: manage all post tags.
  • Appearance: manage interface.
  • Plugins: manage extensions.
  • Settings: establish customization.

The benefit of designing a website with WordPress

Easy to use:

Using WordPress when designing a website is easy to use. Manipulation is simple, understandable and easy to run so users don’t need to know advanced technical knowledge.

Easy to manage:

Administration system is easy, all categories like posts, interfaces, settings,... are arranged understandable, scientific and suitable for beginners to use.

SEO Optimization:

It has default tools to help SEO websites easier and faster.

Support multiple language:

WordPress supports 52 languages including Vietnamese. So users can easily work and manipulate on it.

Continuous upgrade:

WordPress is also its attach plugin, it is upgraded constantly to improve efficiency as well as security of websites.

Large Community:

With the largest users in the world so you can connect to support information is easy, you can find any information which relates to WordPress in English and vietnamese.

Many plugins support:

Support plugins help you to add more utilities to the Website such as SEO,  snowball effects on noel,... When designing a website at Anothemes, we will support you to do that thing.

Various types of websites:

WordPress can do individual blogs, company introduction websites, sale web and community as well as social media,...

Design separate interface:

WordPress allows us to design an interface by individual HTML, CSS, JS without any available interface packs, because the trade interface will include many things that you don’t need to use which make websites heavier.

The reason to choose WordPress to design website

  • WordPress is the number one platform in the world.
  • Have a open source: build WordPress structures for free
  • Friendly with SEO
  • Friendly with user even with the beginners
  • Customize technology easily
  • Plugin, Theme and Core update.
  • Simple hosting
  • Provide support by WordPress community all around the world
  • High security
  • Users have good experience


Hopefully this article has helped you answer questions about what Wordpress is. The benefit of designing a website by WordPress. If you have a demand for a design website, let’s connect to us immediately.

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