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Japan is a country with rich and diverse culture. This is also one of the leading countries in technology - science - engineering. However, in website design style, the Japanese mainly design in a simple style, delicate tradition mixed with modern minimalist style. That is also what makes their websites unique. So how unique is the Japanese website design style? What are its characteristics? Let's find out.

How unique is the Japanese website design style?

As we said, the Japanese style is traditional, nostalgic and simple. However, most designers in Vietnam often design web according to Western trends. They think that Japanese design style is often messy and unsightly. But that's just a personal opinion. Saying that does not mean that the Japanese do not update new design trends, but there are many reasons for them to do that.

The following are the highlights that create a strange and controversial Japanese style, and the advantages we can learn to apply to websites in Vietnam.

User-friendly mobile interface

According to statistics, Japan has more than 95% of the population using mobile phones to access the Website every day. So the need is how to optimize to make accessing the Website by phone faster and smoother. That's why the Japanese place a lot of emphasis on mobile-friendly web design.

In Vietnam, this trend is also growing because the number of people accessing the website by mobile is also increasing exponentially every day.

Japanese style content

The Japanese are very hard-working and smart, and especially they are very meticulous. Before using any content to post on the website. They often take care very meticulously and research product information carefully. After being reviewed many times, the information posted on the website is very specific and numerous.

You can see many contents described in detail on a Japanese style website. This is also the advantage that we should learn and apply in website design.

Easily identifiable contact information

Contact information, address or phone number is an important and prominent element of a business. This is the highlight of Japanese websites that designers learn a lot from. Put specific contact information in places where customers can easily see it. It will increase the effectiveness of the Japanese shopping website as well as the website layout that will be easy to reach users.

Boxed structure design

Japanese website design style is very clear and logical. Sometimes looking at Japanese websites is quite rigid because it is arranged in a clear order according to the rules. This is very beneficial because customers will easily find the content they want. They divide topics and content into neatly linked blocks.

Mix different colors

The most prominent feature of the Japanese style is that they use a lot of colors on a website. They think that colorful website design will focus attention and attract viewers. It is most noticeable on manga websites. In addition, it also uses many bright, contrasting colors with flashing effects, colorful Flash effects. Overcome the disadvantages of pictographic fonts in emphasizing important points.

But the defect of Japanese style website design is that it's easy to get tangled up. Having too many colors will distract the user's attention. This will affect the brand as well as the theme of the business. So it is almost used for websites about food, e-commerce and entertainment.

But it cannot be denied that there are many beautiful and impressive Japanese style websites. And is an inspiration for designers to apply in design.

Make the most of the gaps

Waste is not in the Japanese working dictionary. Their style is the same, making the most of the space without wasting any money. They will insert what they can like images, information, detailed letters instead of leaving it blank. This allows for more detailed information. Save time searching as well as switching pages of users.

The defect is still the same, it is very messy, but that is the typical Japanese website style. This design style limits waste, saves space and makes optimal use of information display.

Features of Japanese style website design


Because the demand for internet use of the Japanese is very high and on the mobile platform a lot. Therefore, the first feature is that the technical infrastructure of the website must be optimized. That means the website must have an easy-to-use and smooth interface when surfing. Besides, web access speed is essential. So optimize website, text and especially images.

Small images with minimal quality are absolutely essential for a website. Because displaying images on the web especially takes up a lot of space and affects the speed of access. The cultural feature in this style is the preference for optimization. The Japanese will do everything to minimize the factors affecting the website.

Besides, the feature in the style that makes use of the spaces. So reducing the image quality and size to a moderately low level. To be able to show more about the product, replace the content.

Language and letters

Languages ​​and letters are distinct features of each country and culture. And in Japanese-style website design, Japanese characters are bold. That's the exact letter. Other design styles put content first. But in the Japanese style, the letters are detailed in the product and a lot on the content. That's because the cultural habits of the Japanese are very meticulous. They will often read the full details of the product instead of just looking at the images and skimming the content.

Because Japanese is a pictographic language with many features. When you combine strokes, they make more sense. That's why a Japanese inscription carries more information than it looks. So design a unique Japanese style website when using a lot of words.

Bold Japanese culture

From the above features, we can see the website design style imbued with Japanese culture. Therefore, designers should learn and take advantage of the Japanese cultural habits. To apply to your own work, the idea and design of your own website is unique. In addition, Japan is a country with a culture that likes colorful colors, which is reflected in fashion, manga, anime... It affects quite a lot on websites, in 1 website can have many colors, even even contrasting colors.

Japanese style website design will often make use of color and space. The economy, the meticulousness and the optimization of the user experience interface are the wishes of every website that wants to aim. We hope that the above sharing will help you get more useful information about Japanese website trends.

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