The note to own a mobile app design which is eye-catching and attracts customers.


Nowadays, using mobile to access the internet to find information, entertainment, study and work is getting higher and higher. Smartphones, mobile apps, website designing are becoming an important and indispensable part in life, especially in business. Mobile apps are also one of advanced tools to help businesses approach customers quickly and bring them great results for business. With many years of experience designing and working with many customers, Anothemes will bring some notes to design an eye-catching and attractive mobile app for your business.

What is mobile app design?

This is a fairly common question when asking about designing a mobile app service.

Mobile apps are designed to use the operating system on smartphones. These apps often operate on many different systems, with android and ios being the two most commonly used operating systems.

Mobile app design brings many benefits for businesses in building brands, developing and connecting to customers.

Notes to own mobile app design which is eye-catching and attractive to customers.

Simple yet sophisticated interface design

The simple standards in designing mobile apps is the way to help you bring a great app. All your designs need to be directed to the customer. And the simple will bring good experiences for them.

To meet this standard, always remember that app layout needs to be designed to be user-friendly. Helping them use it most conveniently and easily. Try to keep it simple yet sophisticated in the app design. Creating many spaces for users to focus on the most important element.

Using familiar symbols and words is what you should do. It helps your users not to be overwhelmed because of so much information on the screen. It makes them leave your app.

Navigation bars on the app need to be clear, easy to use and specific instructions.

Choose a suitable color and font.

With a professional mobile app interface design, color plays an important role in orienting the user’s emotions. And the suitable font will have a good impact on the user's visuals.

So, you need to choose font, color accompanied by the message that you want to share with the user is the way to bring success for your business.

Choose the nice image

Among many words, image is the way to bring users close to you with your message. But you don’t use the rampant image, it needs to have consistent color, buttons and symbols.

According to the UX professionals about App at Groove Technology when building an app it will bring a professional mobile app to the customer’s eyes.

At the same time, it helps businesses easily connect apps with brands. Consistency makes your business more professional in customers’ eyes.

Page loading speed

Page loading speed is always a factor when you design a website on an interface on mobile or web. Extremely it requires a higher qualification on mobile.

Users usually lose patience with websites that have a long time to load. Web on a mobile interface is also. When users enter a website on mobile and wait for a long time but it has many files it is not optimized and can’t be loaded. It can be harder for users to find the information they want, it makes users feel uncomfortable and leads to low rates on your website, leaving you immediately.

Users use 3G to visit but loading files makes them need to spend more data and it makes them not satisfied with it.

Display Pop-Ups in the right place

Advertising is one of the important tools to create the conversation rate on websites so businesses always want to maximize salvage them.

But you shouldn’t overly abuse them to make users feel uncomfortable, just suitably use them to transfer information to users in an optimal way, bringing high affection.

Instead of showing in a cluttered way in the header website, you can crevely integrate meaningful pop-ups in a page that have the right context for what is being presented.

Arranging them in a smart way combined with quality content helps businesses transfer information to users effectively, increasing buying product rate on your website.

The above things are the notice to own a beautiful mobile app design and attract customers that we want to share with you. Hopefully that this information will be helpful for you in website design, mobile apps support for your business optimized.

To learn more useful information and if you need to support design websites, identity brands, mobile apps,... connect to us immediately.

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