What Are Domain And Hosting? The Relationship Between Domain And Hosting


Mention the website, people will immediately think of domains and hosting. These are two indispensable objects in the process of website design. So what are domain and hosting? The relationship between domain and hosting? Let's find out in this article.

What are Domain and Hosting?

Domain ?

Is the address by the name of the website on the internet, it replaces the IP address. With Domain, users will no longer have difficulty remembering a complex IP number sequence. The domain of each website is separate, and absolutely never overlap. Each Domain will be divided into 2 main parts that are domain type and business name.

The business name can be customized according to your preferences, but the domain type should use the following common types:

  • Country top-level domains (ccTLDs): country codes of countries participating in the Internet are specified by two letters according to ISO-3166 standards such as Vietnam as VN, England as UK, etc. and fields World Wide Generic Domains.
  • Shared top-level domains (gTLDs):
  • COM           : Commercial
  • EDU           : Education
  •  NET            : Network
  • INT             : International Organisations
  • ORG           : Other Orgnizations
  • BIZ             : Business
  • INFO          : Information
  • PRO           : Professional
  • MIL            : Military
  • GOV         : Government
  • Domain Level 2: Second Level and lower levels:
    • For countries in general, this second-level domain is defined by that country's Network Administration. It is possible to define differently, more or less, but usually countries still define their economic and social fields similar to the shared fields mentioned above.
    • For example, in Vietnam, VNNIC defines 2nd level domains: com.vn, net.vn, org.vn…

    Hosting ?

    • Hosting or Web Hosting is the space where all the information, images and videos are stored. When users rent Hosting, they have rented a place to put the necessary files and data on the server. The Hosting provider will be responsible for ensuring the server works, against the attack of malicious code and transferring images, documents, files from the server to the user's browser.
    • Simple way: If the website is a house, the domain is the address of your house, then hosting is the land on which your house is built. Hosting is the place where all transactions and information exchange between internet users and websites take place.

    • When you just started learning to buy Hosting, it is easy to get overwhelmed because there are many different types of hosting on the market. Therefore, instead of trying to choose the best package based on dozens of features offered by the provider, it is best to learn the basics of each type of hosting and find the type of hosting that suits your needs.

    The relationship between domain and hosting

    Domain and Hosting and have an intimate relationship that is almost inseparable. Without those two systems, the website would not be able to function. Simply, if you don't have a domain, you can't find a website, and without Hosting, you can't create a website.

    Depending on individual and business needs, users can change any suitable Hosting package, but not with a Domain (can only buy a new domain name, so the old domain is no longer needed).

    Domains are usually sold by the year and hosting is sold in cycles of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and up to 4 years. Because of the close relationship, many hosting providers offer a free domain when buying a host.

    Through this article, customers can better understand what is Domain and Hosting? Or the relationship between them and answer questions about them. If you have any questions or need a website design, please contact us.


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