The function and importance of Homepage with a Website


Homepage is similar to a living room of a house, representing the entire house when you see it for the first time. So the homepage is like an advertisement page and is compelling to create a complete website. So what is the homepage? What is the function and importance of a homepage? We will learn about it.

What is Homepage?

The aim of a homepage on a website is to help navigate users to another page by clicking on the links and categories on the homepage or entering the search bar.

From there, you will be able to be redirected to the landing page.

The function and importance of Homepage with a Website


It can be said that the homepage has an important role, making a  first impression on the website visitors. That's why every website has a homepage.

The purpose is to impress customers who visit your website for the first time. From here, users will enter other pages on the website.

Besides, the function of the homepage is to navigate visitors. Here you are provided with page title, image and the sitemap. Therefore, users can easily find information about web hosts through name and image of the business, information about phone or mail,...

The design with the beautiful interface will attract user stay in the website longer and evaluate professionalism of the website

A website have homepage and menu items like:

  • About Us
  • Service
  • Product
  • Contact
  • News

The function and importance of a homepage

Firstly, homepage helps users easily evaluate business or the units providing products and services through the homepage. Quickly find necessary information, and service through a simple operation.

Secondly, the homepage represents the identity of the business on the internet. Here is where website hosts provide specific information about products or services,.. to users effectively.

In the end, the homepage is like the best promotional page for your product. Customers when accessing your website, whether to buy or not depends on the homepage. Because the more impressive the homepage, the easier it is to attract customers to stay on your site longer.


Notes when designing the homepage

To make sure a homepage of a website meets a standard, the design of the website need to notice these basic elements:

  • The homepage interface needs to be eye-catching and impressive to attract visitors. Additionally, it affirms the brand face of business.
  • In designing a scientific homepage structure, modules and menu bars need a clear and easy-to-see layout.
  • Harmonious color, suitable for the field the business is operating in.
  • Fonts, content and images are clear and easy to read
  • Design a homepage needs to be SEO friendly with all searching tools and easy to have a high rank when advertising on a website.

Anothemes provide professional design services for your website with outstanding function, unique and delicate design so your business can approach customers quickly.

In this article, we have helped you clarify what a home page is. The function and importance of the homepage and especially the note when designing a homepage.

Hopefully that this info here will help you find the answer you want to know.

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