Top Website Design Trends in 2021

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Website is one of the indispensable tools of businesses today. It is not only a place to attract customers, affirm the brand but also a tool to implement effective marketing plans. Therefore, website design trends every year always change and innovate. Join us to find out the website design trends of 2021.

Text Typograpy – Website design trends in 2021

Text typograpy is a web design trend that uses a lot of characters. This is a traditional design style, the texts created in this way will help create an overall language that is easy to read, coherent, effective and easy to go deep into the awareness of the viewer.

Typography design is a popular art trend in recent years. When content is on the throne, designers have been looking for new directions and forms of expression for ordinary letters. In that context, typography is the perfect solution to express and transform quality content into visual products that can attract readers and increase interaction.

Illustration Design – Outstanding Design

Illustrations have long been popular on the web. But in recent times, custom and detailed and cleverly designed illustrations on websites are gradually becoming popular.

Unlike designers who develop logos and images, illustrators often create many vibrant images, characters that express personality and bring personality to the website.

Combining illustrations with animation will help draw attention to website designs and at the same time, it is a great complement to web design.

Bringing vintage inspiration to color and text design

From 2020, designers start using classic touches to make an impression on people. And in 2021, this trend will continue and grow even more in other forms that bring a bit of nostalgia and mix them with modern style.

Black and white are the two main colors

If the web design color trend in 2020 is monochrome, in 2021 many websites will experiment with just using black and white with a very little color in the middle or even no color at all.

An example of this trend is Cahn Wilson's website, designed mainly in black and white with images in gray strips.

Using Card Grid

Hầu hết các trang web được thiết kế trên một hệ thống lưới vô hình giúp giữ các mục trên trang được sắp xếp và liên kết.

Most web pages are designed on an invisible grid system that helps keep the items on the page organized and linked.

However, in 2021 these grids will certainly be more visually dominant and used as the main design aesthetic and inspired by popular card design trends.

Using prominent large typefaces

Another web design trend in 2021 is related to typography. And the font trend we want to introduce to you is a font that is so big that it can be read even when you are sitting from a block away.

Using geometric blocks and textures

New trends in 2020 are predicted to be changeable and textured shapes. However, it is still not very popular. But geometric blocks, lines and textures are slowly making a comeback in 2021 and will probably become more popular this year.

An effect made by user operation

Often, we will see effects on a website designed to run independently and not depend on the actions of the website viewer. However, the new trend in website design is focused on running effects by actions or user input data on the website.

Combining user actions with interesting effects will make the typefaces more attractive.

New and unique color scheme trend

The design of the website will not be complete without a new and trendy color scheme. We make sure that we are all familiar with color combinations and palettes becoming mainstream in our lives.

So, it can be seen that the website design trend in 2021 is mainly in terms of effects, drawings, typography, combined with new interactions and color schemes.

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